Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is my story

Dr Gautam Khastgir -
A Quack Doctor Playing with soft corners of women.

This Blog Is dedicated to victims of

Dr Gautam Khastgir -

Dr Gautam Khastgir - is a black mark in the name of doctor profession. Though there is very Little chance you will find doctors are human, they are mostly butchers. Now for me doctor is a slang.

My wife visited this Gautam Khastgir for advice, when she was in Kolkata. She narrated me the table of the quack doctor as I see, covered with prints of different type of prescriptions and after listening to some brief handed over two of them and said this is for three months, then come and visit me, Rs. 1500/- consultancy.

My wife spent Rs. 2500/- for the medicine and came back to Delhi.

My local doctor seeing the prescription told that this is for an impotant person.

God help me!

She developed Infection and we spent around 5 thousand more.

When she was suffering from sever pain I asked her to call Dr. Gautam Khastagir, his words in Bengali translated in English "will I get my hand out of the mobile to treat you, go and see the local doctor" very logical but very inhuman. This could have been told in different format.

I would advice shanonda of annado bazar patrika "Telegraph" to stop all adds and promotions for this quack doctor.If they don't they are also involved in this racket.


  1. My experience with Dr Khastgir has beee totally different. I found him very understanding and deeply concerned about my wife and all his patients. He made our dreams come true. The number of patients in his chamber are an indication of his popularity because you cannot fool all people all the time. Infact some of his the patients have no concern for others and are always behaving the way they do in public buses.

    Please be aware that a doctor can only use his knowledge and experience to give his best and in no way can asure you complete cure, unlike a guarantee which you receive when buying a say mobile phone. He specializes in IVF which is no doubt expensive for a common man, but success is not assured 100%. Most people think if they have spent, the result has to be there. I have personally seen some patients acting like rowdies accusing the doctor everytime. When my wife underwent IVF, there were 3 others with her (total 4) out of which 3 implants were succesful (A very good success rate). I have also suggested a friend of mine who met with success. Others are calling to find out who was the doctor who did my wife"s treatment.

    During consultation, he gives full dedicated attention. Yes, he receives calls on his mobile with stupid queries - I witnessed one: A pregnant woman saying she is feeling giddy, infact it is a good sign.Please note he provides alternative phone numbers for all your queries.

    He does keep printed papers as a guide. After pregnancy for example, he will give you a sheet with all possible after pregnancy symptoms and what action to be taken - very helpful.

    His charges are reasonable keeping the service and facility his chamber provides. Toilets. A/C. Fans, Tea/coffee etc.For any cheaper rates there is always govt hospitals if you choose.

    Finally a word for his staff, they are excellient and work well under so much pressure and are always ready to help.

  2. Great Neil,

    Congrats, You have represented the doc very well, as my research shows that the writing style is different that you have published and that you maintain in your blog How much did he pay you? Stop supporting doctors who has made the profession money making trade...

    You have missed out I have the printed (Xeroxed)copies my self. Don't worry I wont remove this comment of yours this tells what is the real fact.

    This write up is very professional and well written and represented for publicity. Thanks Dr. Gautam Khastagir it has come to your knowledge that you cannot get away with what you do. Don't worry as and when I get time I will reply to your comments/posts.

    This is a honest endeavor to voice against all doctors who has made this noble profession a business with out ethics.

    1. Mr Sinha

      It is very unfortunate that you have made a statement "how much did he pay you". This kind of conclusion is absud. You do not even know who I am, we never met but you have concluded he paid me. By the same logic I too can come to some sort of conclusion about you, but would prefer logic to prevail. Also what makes you judge that writing styles are different? Are you a detective by qualification or profession. Yes I do blog at times, especially a few recipies and that is my blog.

      Thank you for calling the comments well written and professional. That is what I am in my approach. You have again come to the conclusion that it is for his publicity.

      It is quite possible that your opinion and experience was different than mine. I simply wrote what I felt and stand by it. For whatever reason you may want to start a campaign against him. Yes, this is a democratic country and you are free to voice your opinion. However, I am in no way interested in starting a support group for him. Just voiced my opinion and a ofcourse bit of gratitude for what he has done for me.

      I wish you and your family all the best.

  3. Mr. Neil,

    Who ever you may be behind that Id, But you can know about me if you Google a little... I am not Hiding behind an id, I have a complete profile to support my say.

    This is a very sensitive issue for any one who goes to Dr Gautam Khastgir and visit, even when they have bad experience, there is no option but to keep quit. I have given them a platform to say. If I want to do a negative campaign on Internet against this doctor Gautam Khastgir, I will only say "God can only help him".

    I did this just to make people aware, what they are or will get into. This type of Doctors create bad image in the mind of people.

    I could Have deleted your the comment but I didn't do, as I know & believe, after reading people can make there judgement.

    I have no personal grudge or hate against you or the doctor... Its against professional negligence and arrogance of the doctor.

    I wish you and your family all the best.

  4. @ susomoy sinha

    its very unfortunate u are talking like this regarding a doc! perhaps u are forgetting that when u are having health prob! its only them who can save you! whatever , i am sure u r having bad exp with docs. but you should have atleast show some decency and presence of culture while speaking bout them! i am also a patient of khastagir. yes , he is professional. he doesnt have a choice i guess!! giving treatlemt to 100s of patients everyday isnt easy! but to me and to many of my friends he has been nice, good and pretty much reassuring! now dont call me a paid servant of khastagir ( they way u did earlier). in that case we can also call you a paid servant of some other ppl who wants defame dr. khastagir! i am sure there are many!

    and one word of advice. u might be a huge personality that can ruin anybody on this earth. But instead of showing this fighting attitude towards the only persons that can help you after GOD , i wish u would have out a little bit more faith on them! in that case u might have got a better result.